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Master Guide to Optimal Health

The Master Guide to Optimal Health and Longevity The Natural Way

The 6 Dimensions of Health and Longevity can and will revolutionize your life. The 1st Dimension will give you health, physically and mentally, and prevent diseases of all kinds. The 2nd Dimension will eliminate nutrient deficiencies and assure the strength of your immune system. See our Preview. 

God Family Country

God Family Country in America's Last Days

This is an inspiring story about what it will be like for those who still hold their priorities of God, Family, and Country in America's last days. This is a story of the faithful, the self-sacrificing, the loyal and patriotic among us. How they live out America’s last days will make you laugh and cry, but mostly it will inspire you.  


Living Off The Grid in Alaska: Independent, Isolated & Free

The harsh realities of the Alaskan wilderness are full of lessons that transcend time. Living in a remote cabin, hunting, fishing, and surviving off the land bring to life profound wisdom for living today. The author shares incredible stories of growing up without modern conveniences. This is heart warming true story. 

Money and Success

Money and Success for Christians

What is God's definition of success? We are bombarded with worldly definitions of success, but what is God's perspective on money and success, and how do we as Christians have success in this life? This is not a common book, and you will be pleasantly surprised to find real and practical spiritual answers to life's core questions on how to be the greatest success as a Christian as God desires and intends for you. 

The Greatest Motivational Message

The Greatest Motivational Message

Among all the motivational teachers from the beginning of time, and among all the messages delivered, there is one teacher and one message that stands so far above all the others, there is no comparison. No one and no message has changed so many lives forever like this man and this message. 

Manage Your Energy Not Your Time

Manage Your Energy Not Your Time

Learn how to increase your mental, emotional, psychological, and spiritual energy. No one else teaches what you'll find in this book, and is biblically based, not hype. Tony Robbins could learn from this book. 

America The Last Days

America The Last Days: The Slaying of a Great Nation

This book about America's future may be the most important book you'll ever read. There are three chapters you cannot afford to miss: The Psychology of Liberalism, What God Says About Narcissism and Psychopathy, and The Trajectory of America's Final Days. 

7 Habits of Godly Christians

The 7 Habits of Godly Christians

These 7 habits will change your life in ways you cannot even imagine right now! The challenge for genuine Christians is to actually live these habits. When you practice these 7 habits and experience all the natural consequences that reverberate in your life, God will bless you richly, and you'll experience peace like never before. Read More ⇢

The War for Americas Soul

The War for America's Soul: The Deep State

Had enough yet? I originally wrote this book in 2013 with a second edition in 2018 and now 2023. I'll bet . . . like me, you thought it was bad then. We're on a downward spiral so fast, let's face it, our fathers are probably turning over in their graves. The War for America's Soul exposes the liberal template and the cowardess of Republicans. 

How Science Replaced God

How Science Replaced God and Deceived the Whole World

There’s an entire hidden history that reveals how science and math usurped God. Christians and pastors are generally unaware of this history. The driving force to usurp God entirely from existence is the greatest secret weapon no one has even suspected. That weapon is science and mathematics, and I’ll prove that in this book. Read More

What the Bible Says About Flat Earth

Flat Earth: What the Bible Actually Says

Did you know that the Bible says the earth hangs exactly where God placed it, has a foundation, never ever moves, sits on pillars, has four corners, has a cornerstone, has ends, that the firmament is a hardened substance above the earth, and God’s throne sits on the firmament? These statements are from the Bible, but few people know about them.  Learn More ⇢

Flat Earth Satans Global Deception

Flat Earth and Satan's Global Plan of Deception

Flat earth is not a conspiracy. Far from it. Did you know the entire heliocentric system of a spherical Earth rotating and revolving around the sun with other planets was actually designed after ancient occultic beliefs? Satan’s grand purpose of misdirecting the human race away from the True Creator God. Preview now on Amazon. Read More

How Scientism Invaded The Church

Flat Earth v. Globe Earth

Scientism has invaded American culture in a stunning pervasive way, and it has invaded the American church thoroughly, deeply, and created strongholds in which biblical truths have been polluted by subtle but dangerous lies. Christians, including sincere pastors, never saw the assault coming. Pseudoscience is used to interpret the scriptures. Learn More ⇢

Flat Earth a Biblical and Scientific Approach

Flat Earth: A Biblical & Scientific Approach

What does a christian do with the subject of flat earth? Specifically, how can a christian intelligently and wisely handle the controversial topic of whether the earth is a sphere or a plain? I'd like to suggest a practical approach for christians of any age, and I'll break it down into logical steps.  

Flat Earth Genesis

Flat Earth: God's Genesis Surprise

God is exposing the lies about the Copernicus/NASA Heliocentric model of the Universe. Christians are admitting to each other in private that they believe the Bible describes a flat earth, and “science” is being exposed for what it is—pseudo-science and scientism, twisting the truth and deceiving believers. Hidden mysteries are coming alive. Read More

Flat Earth Psychology

Flat Earth The Evil Psychology of Heliocentrism

Flat earth? How could I possibly have been deceived and fooled to believe in a sphere and a heliocentric system if the earth is really flat? How in the world could so many people be deceived? Deception is the rule, not the exception, and most Christians have no idea how evil heliocentrism is, or how it deceives and enslaves the mind. 

Flat Earth 50 Reasons

Flat Earth: 50 Reasons Copernicus or The Bible

Flat Earth: "50 Reasons Copernicus or The Bible" is the work of a Godly and brilliant man by the name of Frederick Emil Pasche, who published his original book in 1915. His biblical and scientific reasoning is so good, so full of common sense, so sound in it's analysis, I felt the world must have access to this book. 

Flat Earth Journal for Believers

Flat Earth Journal for Believers

Flat Earth Journal is for Believers who are on a journey to discover the truth about God's creation story of the heavens and earth. It is a journal that you write in as often as you like. This kind of guided journaling will help you navigate through all the deception today. 

Spiritual War

Spiritual War Trumps Everything

The real war today is not political, not economic, not military, not social, not philosophical, and not scientific. The real war that is driving everything else is a spiritual war that is thousands of years old. We are living in the midst of a war between God and Satan that has been raging forever as we know time. Learn more. 

Living for God

Living For God: Pursuing Christ With Passion

Living for God, Pursuing Christ With Passion, looks directly to God’s Holy Word for daily guidance. This book has one goal—to help you pursue Christ with passion as long as you live here on earth. The book is called an "Intense Devotional" because it is not a light or feel good devotional. Read More

The End of All Things

The End of All Things is at Hand

This book is about the end. The end of the world. The end of all things. The rapture is very soon, and beyond the rapture will be the worst time the world has ever seen known as the seven year tribulation. Bible prophesies are being fulfilled in rapid succession in the last days. What are the signs of the rapture? How soon will it happen? What can we do to get ready? Extremely practical guidance. 

Peak Performance

Super Immunity: Increase Natural Immunities, and Much More

This book will help you dramatically increase your natural immunities to the level of super immunity, lose weight, gain muscle, increase your cardio health, reduce high blood pressure, and reduce susceptibilities to heart disease and other diseases. Many doctors have discovered these techniques have helped to permanently cure type 2 diabetes. 

Mark of the Beast

Mark of The Beast: And The 7 Year Tribulation

The popular declaration in Christendom today is, “Do not take the mark of the beast, because if you do, you will go to hell.” A related question is, “Can you lose your salvation by taking the mark of the beast during the tribulation?” The question is thoroughly answered here from the Bible with a very careful hermeneutical and exegetical approach. 

Pre-Trib Rapture

The Pre-Trib Rapture: Biblical Proof Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

The rapture is a fascinating subject, and there has always been a debate about whether the rapture is before the 7-year tribulation, during it or at the end. This book lays out the strong biblical evidence that makes it abundantly clear the rapture is before the tribulation period. Find out exactly what the Bible reveals. 

The Most Important Questions of Your Life

The Most Important Questions of Your Life: Your Destiny is in The Answers

The answers you get in life are only as good as the questions you ask, so what questions are you asking? Christians go through life in a hurry, but rarely to consider how they frame their heart and mind with issues determines where they go. These key questions could change your life forever. 

Trilogy of Personal Success

The Trilogy of Personal Success (3 Books in 1)

This 3 Boxset is a great personal success set with keys you won't find anywhere else, including a revolutionary approach to productivity and happiness by learning how to manage your energy, not your time. Never before shared concepts to help you master mind, body, emotions, your psychology, and your spirit to help you achieve the life that eludes you. Get ready for a powerhouse of a trilogy with this boxset! 

Christian Trilogy of The End Times

The Christian Trilogy of The End Times

We are living in the End of Times, and Christians who have been watching current events in the context of biblical prophesy know that we are short on time. This Box Set of 3 books includes "The End of All Things is at Hand," "The Pre-Trib Rapture," and "The Mark of The Beast," all careful and accurate explanations of what the Bible actually says on these subjects.  

How Narcissists Destroy Companies

How Narcissists Destroy Companies and Kill Startups

Thousands of startups never have seen the light of day because of control freak narcissists who steered the company into a black hole. Long after failure and the closing of the company’s doors, few ever figure out the narcissist connection. The narcissist is a master manipulator of laying blame on others. In this book you'll learn to recognize an extreme narcissist. 

Help God

Help God! The Inmates Have Taken The Asylum

Does insanity now rule America? It's often said that you need a sense of humor to get through difficult times or you'll go crazy. Well, "insane" is the operative word of late in America and around the world. What is happening in America today and where are we headed? This is a humorous approach to briefly addressing the reality we are living in, or should I say the nightmare we are living in. 

Pride and Narcissism

Killing Pride & Narcissism

Pride lurks deep below the surface and drives a person in hidden ways. This book will help set you free from those dark forces so you can be more productive, happier, and perhaps most importantly, so those you love can be happier in their relationship with you. Do you want to be successful, respected, loved, and admired? Then kill the ugly pride deep inside your heart—the pride you don’t think exists. 

Speaking in Tongues

Is Speaking In Tongues For Today?

Speaking in tongues is a big issue in American churches, and you're either on the charismatic end where you believe in speaking in tongues or your on the conservative side on the fundamental evangelical side. Is it fraud? Is it real? How can we know for sure? This is not an insignificant issue for believers. Let's find out exactly what the Bible actually says. 

Dreams and Visions

Are Dreams and Visions for Today?

Youtube has exploded in the last few years with people sharing prophetic dreams, interpreting dreams, and prophesying. A simple search of “prophetic dreams” in Google produces 102 million web search results. Are dreams and visions for Christians today? Wouldn't it be great to know exactly what the Bible says about dreams and visions? Don't be misled by charlatans. 

From Prosperity to Hell

From Prosperity to Hell: False Teachers

Many of the largest American Churches are preaching and teaching messages that will send their congregations straight to hell. Charismatic pastors are teaching doctrines of demons with the prosperity doctrine, and millions of people are being deceived into thinking that these doctrines are from the True God. 

The 9 Most Controversial Christian Issues

The 9 Most Controversial Christian Issues

This book includes definitive biblical answers to questions about: Speaking in Tongues, Dreams and Visions, Predestination, Rapture and Tribulation, Mark of the Beast, Calvinism, Health and Wealth, Salvation, and the Security of the Believer. 

The Most Important Questions of Your Life

The Most Important Questions of Your Life

The answers you get in life are only as good as the questions you ask, so what questions are you asking? These key questions will determine the quality of your life for the rest of your life, and the answers also have eternal significance for you.  

King James Only

King James Only: The Argument Refuted

The King James Only argument is alive and well, and many good Christians who are pretty solid on all major Bible doctrines somehow get sideways on their argument that the 1611 King James Version is the only version anyone should ever use, because they argue it is translated most accurately. 

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