Casper Sarginson

Caspian “Casper” Sarginson

Casper was raised in a big family on a farm in North Yorkshire in what was long ago named “God’s Country,” and it is beautiful. As a boy he loved hiking, and even today one of his favorite areas that inspire his writing is along the Cliffs at Whitby. His father taught him to read the Bible and how to search for the author’s intent, and to set aside the opinions of pastors who have a tendency to color their preaching with local tradition illustrated by long stories about pigs and sheep, milking cows, and allegories.

Casper’s own words best express the reason for his focus in recent years on God’s Genesis creation in his writings:

“I’ve always loved God’s Holy Word as long as I can remember, even as a little tyke, and sitting by the seaside reading the Bible is my favorite of all activities. I remember reading about the Russians sending the first space ship into outer space when I was very young, and then I was old enough to watch the American moon landing. Like my friends, I was fascinated by such adventures. In the mid-1990s we started getting computers and internet in the country, and there was a lot of news online about the American NASA space adventures and photos and videos. But something bothered me, and it took years to figure out exactly what was bothering me.

My Bible had a different story of God’s creation of the “heaven and earth,” and it was nothing like the story NASA was narrating, and nothing like the news coming out of the BBC. I went back to study Genesis and all the related verses in the Bible on how God created the earth and how he described the earth and the firmament, and the chronological order of his creation. It is a story that is so dramatically different than the one scientists are telling us, I felt a calling to examine the scriptures and examine the science to see if I could reconcile the two.

My books are the result, and God willing, I will continue to expose the pseudoscience and communicate carefully interpreted Bible verses in context, with accurate hermeneutics and exegesis. There is no question that we are experiencing a worldwide “waking” to the deception of governments in every country, and I pray for revival as we approach the tribulation to come.”

Casper prefers to remain private, and does not share his personal address or his contact information as he feels that persecution will increase for those who stand against Satan’s deception, and he hopes to publish more books as long as he can, God willing.

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