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Category: Flat Earth

Flat Earth Awakening

The Flat Earth Awakening

There is a flat earth awakening taking place across the UK, the US, Canada, France, Germany, Australia, and across all of Europe as well. This flat earth awakening stems from a new awareness of the corruption and evil of all governments, the fake news and the indoctrination. It has never […]

Flat Earth Book

Our Best Selling Flat Earth Book

“Flat Earth: What The Bible Actually Says, Every Verse In The Bible On Creation” is our best selling book, especially the audio version. The book is available in ebook versions for Apple, Kindle, and in paperback and hardcover, as well as in audio through which also shows up on […]

Flat Earth: What The Bible Actually Says

Flat Earth: What The Bible Actually Says

Here’s is an excerpt from the book Flat Earth: What The Bible Actually Says, and this is Chapter 1. How does God describe the creation of the earth? When you read all the verses and put the whole story together, it is nothing less than astonishing! This book will affirm […]

What is scientism?

What is Scientism?

What is scientism? Pseudoscience and scientism have taken over the entire scientific community in the U.S. as well as in nearly all other countries of the world. It’s been so subtle and so persuasive over a long period of time of strategic propaganda that pseudoscience crept in before any of […]

How Could Pastors Be Fooled By Heliocentrism?

How Could Pastors Be Fooled By Heliocentrism?

How could pastors be fooled by heliocentrism? How could sincere pastors mix scientism with sound biblical hermeneutics? How could pastors possibly have been fooled into believing anti-God rhetoric from the atheist community? These are some of the most relevant questions of the day for churches. I’m not talking about pastors […]

Earth is Flat

Looking for a Great Book to Read? Here it is . . .

Flat earth is not a conspiracy. Far from it. Did you know the entire heliocentric system of a spherical Earth rotating and revolving around the sun with other planets was actually designed after ancient occultic beliefs? The heliocentric design fulfills Satan’s grand purpose of misdirecting the human race away from the True Creator God. The heliocentric design of the sun and the Earth and the planets mocks God. Do you know why it has not even occurred to pastors and theologians that the heliocentric system mocks God? Because they have been ensnared by Satan’s sorcery like everyone else. They think heliocentrism is real, and therefore the thought that it mocks God never enters their minds. You haven't read a book like this.

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