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Chuck Marunde, J.D.

Chuck Marunde

Chuck Marunde is the founder and CEO of Sakal Publishing. “Sakal” is the Hebrew word for “Success.” Chuck is the author of over 60 books, and he has published thousands of online articles as an original content creator. Since the Internet became widely used by the public in 1994, he built hundreds of websites and blogs, and along the way he became an Internet marketing guru and an SEO expert (search engine optimization).

Chuck has a degree in Economics and a Doctor of Jurisprudence in Law. He was a high school teacher for two years in Alaska before attending law school. During his career in law he was also a Registered Financial Advisor, a certified Estate Planner and an Asset Protection Specialists. He served in the USAF as a JAG (Judge Advocate General’s Office) for 4 years. After the USAF he worked for Chuck Colson and Prison Fellowship Ministries as Area Director of Nevada and Utah. Later he opened a private law practice back in sunny Sequim, Washington.

Chuck raised a family of four children. Jesse Marunde became the 2nd strongest man in the world in Chengdu, China at the World’s Strongman Contest, and Bristol Marunde held two Championship MMA (mixed martial arts) belts. Bristol and his wife, Aubrey, also had a popular HGTV show for three years titled “Flip or Flop Vegas.” Brady Marunde is a commercial fisherman on the Aleutian Chain in Alaska, and Chuck’s daughter is a brilliant accountant and statistician. “I thank God I have a wonderful relationship with my children and grandchildren. They are really amazing, hard working, and they are passing on the values I taught them to their own children for the next generation.”

Chuck’s passion and focus is writing books and helping other people improve the quality of their lives. He loves the Truth, and you’ll see in his books a common theme–exposing lies and revealing the truth in all areas of life. He has observed how easily people can be deceived in America, and he has written extensively about how that happens. He loves freedom, and he loves the values and principles upon which America was founded. He boldly proclaims, “The foundation of Truth upon which all else stands or falls for me is the Bible. I’m not ashamed of the Gospel.”

His books span a variety of subjects, including real estate, Internet marketing, christian living, money and success, psychology, American politics, hermeneutics and exegesis, and he helps other authors write and publish their books under the banner of Sakal Publishing.

BooksOnlineChuck is excited about BooksOnline.Club because it is an uncensored book publishing house where authors can publish their books in a Kindle format and an audiobook format and reach their readers directly without the gatekeepers who control the publishing industry. It is virtually impossible for an author who writes about patriotic values or government and corporate corruption or christian values to find a book agent who will take him on as a client. The big publishing houses will not consider publishing an author who is not represented by one of their approved book representatives. Sakal Publishing and BooksOnline.Club are independent.

The other reason BooksOnline.Club is so unique in today’s world of publishing is their Affiliate Program. Anyone can apply to be an Affiliate, and if approved, will earn a 30% affiliate fee for every sale through their affiliate link, which they can promote on their Youtube channel or on social media. Amazon does have an affiliate program, but you have to get approved under rules which disqualify the vast majority of people, and even if you become an Amazon affiliate, you only earn something like 4% as opposed to our 30%. This Affiliate Program creates a very powerful marketing system for authors, and it can create a steady passive income for anyone with a large number of viewers and subscribers on the Internet. This Affiliate Program sets BooksOnline.Club apart from all other publishing houses.

BooksOnline.Club fulfills several of Chuck’s passions and talents, including writing, publishing, graphic arts, technology and AI, exposing deception and replacing it with what is true in all areas of life, educating and encouraging others to do their best in life, which also includes physical and mental and spiritual health as revealed in Chuck’s latest book, The Master Guide to Optimal Health The Natural Way. Three themes that run across all that Chuck does are captured in these statements:

  1. “The answers you get in life are only as good as the questions you ask.”
  2. “Be teachable, because any other attitude will hinder learning and deny wisdom.”
  3. “Pursue the truth in all things and never stop as long as you live.”

Join Chuck Marunde here on BooksOnline.Club and our wonderful inventory of books.

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