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For Authors Only: Get Your Book Published

This article is intended for authors who fit these parameters:

  1. You have a book published and being distributed online now, or
  2. You are writing a book but it is not yet published, or
  3. You have not written the book yet, and while you have the subject matter knowledge, you are not an experienced author or a good writer, and
  4. You want to publish your book as an Apple book, a Kindle book, a paperback, a hardcover, or an audio book, or all of these.

Let’s run through each of these so you can understand more about how to get from where you are today to a published book that is of the highest quality in content with a professionally designed cover, and that is marketed for the widest possible distribution, all while maximizing your net royalties. There’s more to this than you may realize, and being able to do this has taken a lifetime for me, which I am now offering to authors like you.

There’s a story about a person who attends a piano concerto, and afterwards has the great pleasure of meeting the pianist, a world renowned concert pianist. Excitedly the person expresses their delight with the amazing performance, and then adds, “I would give my life to be able to play like that!,” to which the pianist replied, “I did.”

AudiobooksIf you already have a book published, you can still have your book listed on our site, provided your book is not currently being distributed as an exclusive elsewhere, like on Amazon or Apple or with a publishing house. Your book would have to be reviewed by our book review staff, because we have very high standards for content and quality and writing. Many people have self-published books they’ve written, but they had no “adult supervision” so to speak. Your book must pass our content and quality standards.

Because this is an online bookstore, we sell digital versions of books, either in the Apple format or the Kindle format, and we also sell audiobooks that are hosted on our own servers and distributed with our audio app. We do not sell print versions of books, which require print on demand services. All our paperback and hardcover books are distributed through Amazon.

If you are writing a book, but it is not yet published, you may apply for listing it on our site. All the conditions above apply.

If you have not written a book yet, but you have the subject matter knowledge and you’re just not an experienced writer, you can apply to have one of our ghost writers write your book, or you can apply to have one of our experienced authors co-author your book with you.

If you want to add an audio version of your book, we also have a professional narrator on staff, and if your book meets our standards as delineated above, you may qualify to have your book published and listed on our site.

Dead End: What about traditional publishing houses? This is a dead end, and you don’t want to even waste your time going down that path, and here is why.

  1. A traditional publishing house will not talk to individual authors. They will only communicate and deal with approved professionally recognized book agents. So first, you have to hire an agent, which is to say you have to get an agent to agree to represent you. Unless you’re famous, or have other books that have big success stories, an agent will not even bother returning your phone calls, and there’s only a slightly greater chance someone from their office will even respond to your email, and if they do, it will be, “We’re not accepting new clients.”
  2. There are publishing companies that will publish your book for you without an agent, but you have to front all the costs of printing, marketing, and distribution, which usually will be in the tens of thousands of dollars, and in the end, you are unlikely to make a single dollar in profit while the publishing company made their thousands of dollars in profits from you. These companies are mostly a ripoff.
  3. Even if you did get a professional agent to accept you as a client, between their take and the publishing house’s take, you may only get $1.00 from every book sale of $20. Compare that to royalties of 30% to 70% in self-publishing.

What do we charge for these services, and what is your royalty?

That depends on which of these options you choose. Each of them require a different level of experience and also involve various commitments of time on our part. Depending on what you need and how much we have to do, your royalty will range from 30% to 50% of the retail price. You can list a self-published book on Amazon and receive a 70% royalty if your book meets certain specifications, but Amazon doesn’t do a tenth of what we do for you, and we have the experience and integrity you need if you’re not already an established author.


    We’ll get back to you as soon you’re at the top of the queue. Thank you for your patience.

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