He Loves Thee Too Little
Casper Sarginson  

“He loves Thee too little . . .”

“He loves Thee too little who loves anything together with Thee, which he loves not for Thy sake.” This quote is attributed to Augustine, and it is one of my lifetime favorite quotes. If you talk about success or any worldly desires, the wisdom of this quote reminds me that nothing compares to God and nothing can be set alongside my love and my devotion for God. Not money, not worldly goals, not worldly possessions, not beliefs, and certainly not pride. Absolutely nothing.

And yet . . . there is “something” that Christians love so much today, they cannot let it go. They are infatuated with it, fascinated by it, and in love with the idea of it. They are so caught up with the beliefs that surround this idea that they will defend it angrily and even attack the character of anyone who suggests it may be false. This includes Christians! What in the world could compel Christians to behave like that? Worse yet, what could compel Christians to place something alongside God, in other words, to love something together with God?

You know what this belief system is. It is called heliocentrism, the idea that the sun is the center of our solar system, and the belief that the earth is a globe or a sphere. And they most certainly do place their belief in this system alongside God, because they will refuse to examine the Bible’s true story of creation as told by God himself, and they will argue pseudoscience, which not only is not true science, but is outside the Bible and contrary to the Bible. This is how we know they love their belief in heliocentrism together with God but “not for Thy sake.” How tightly do Christians grasp onto the Copernicus/Darwinian/NASA view of creation, despite the fact that the Bible does not present a heliocentric or globe view of creation? So tight that they will ignore Augustine’s wisdom.

Let’s be bluntly honest here. Christians will not give up their belief in the globe even when they are shown clearly with the Hebrew and Greek that God’s own description of his creation does not support in any way, shape, or form a spherical earth, nor a heliocentric system.

So much do Christians cling to their worldly anti-God beliefs in the secular counterfeit creation story, aligning their beliefs to the atheists’ views, that they absolutely refuse to consider how they have set aside their love for God for something else.

Does this sound like worshipping a false god? That’s exactly what it is, and turning people away from the True God to false gods is exactly the purpose of heliocentrism.

When you have invested everything in the heliocentric/globe theory, and you refuse to even consider the possibility that you have been deceived along with millions of other people, and you will not examine the scriptures to see the lies and the truth, you have put something alongside and actually above God.

It is more than amazing how many Christians have done this, and how adamant they are. Their beliefs must not and will not be challenged, not by the Bible itself, nor by true science. The blindness is intentional, and it is pride in all its evil glory.

So prideful are many Christians, they refuse to listen to other Christians who can prove by the scriptures and by real science that Copernicus and NASA are wrong and serve a different master. Too many Christians love the NASA view of creation and essentially worship it. They love that system “together with Thee,” but according to Augustine, this means they love “Thee too little.”

You cannot love anything together with God, which you love not for God’s sake. This is a parallel thought to the verse, “No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.” Matthew 6:24 (KJV)

Pride is the first and worst of all sins, leading to a progeny of other sins in a Christian’s life. In this context of the creation story and what earth really is, pride is seen in the grotesque arrogance of Christians who not only cling to Satan’s counterfeit, but they accuse Christians who have come to see the lies of pseudoscience and the truth of the biblical story of creation of being conspiracy theorists.

Consider the implications. Not only have such Christians placed their trust and confidence and beliefs in Copernicus and evolutionary theories and NASA (all of which seek to prove there is no God of creation and never was), they have joined the atheists and God haters in attacking the good character of Godly men and women.

Pride is an ugly sin, especially because those most guilty of pride deny it most vociferously. They will think in their hearts that they are actually the most humble of Christians. And then they will attack you for believing the literal creation story in Genesis and proving to yourself that pseudoscience does not prove the earth is a globe . . . and they will refuse to examine the evidence because they “know the earth is a globe and that the earth revolves around the sun.” Such is pride: a denier of truth, a deceiver, and the seed of strongholds in the mind.

Christians who have come to the understanding that neither the Bible nor true science support a globe earth or heliocentrism, were heliocentrists most of their lives. We were there. We were true believers in the false creation story. We were sold out to heliocentrism just like you and so many other are today. We didn’t just fall off the turnip wagon. We were where you are, if you still believe in heliocentrism and a globe earth. We know what you think, we know how you feel, and we understand the emotions and the battle that rages within. But we did something worthy of Christians who diligently pursue Truth, i.e. Jesus Christ. We took Augustine’s statement serious, and to the best of our ability, we put it into practice. We set aside our pride, and we sought God’s own description of creation in the Bible, and we examined science and pseudoscience with great discomfort.

You see, Christians who believe the earth is not a globe are not dumb. They are not conspiracy theorists. They are not crazy. In fact, they are way past all those things. The are devoted believers, mostly mature in the Christian pilgrimage, and humble and willing to listen to the truth, wherever it may lead, even if it leads down a path contrary to their own deeply held beliefs. They want to know the truth, not just cling to their own beliefs. They are humble enough to say, “I don’t know everything, but of this I am determined. They will not say of me, ‘He loves Thee too little who loves anything together with Thee, which he loves not for Thy sake.’”

What about you brother or sister in Christ. Will you set aside your pride to honestly examine what the Bible actually says, and will you examine the pseudoscience and learn what is true and what is not true? Do you love God enough to pursue the truth no matter how difficult it may be for you personally? I’m not telling you what to believe. I’m asking if you are willing to pursue the truth and take the time and effort to see the lies inherent in pseudoscience. Your pursuit will honor God, not dishonor him. Pursuing the Truth always honors God. Being deceived and staying in deception never honors God.

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