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Casper Sarginson  

How to Download eBooks in Apple and Kindle Versions and How to Download and Listen to Audiobooks (Video Guide)

We’ve created a video guide to walk you carefully through the process of purchasing an Apple or Kindle eBook or purchasing an audio book and how to download and install all of these. This video covers a lot of territory in a very short video, so you might need to come back to watch portions of this video again. We created chapters for your convenience, which you’ll see only if you watch this video on Youtube, and you’ll find the chapter subjects in the video description with hot links directly to each chapter subject.

Please note that if you purchase an ebook directly from your Amazon account, Amazon sends your book to your Kindle email so that it automatically loads in your Kindle app. When you purchase a Kindle book on our site, you need to do the same thing Amazon does and connect your ebook via your Kindle email, which we show you in this video. We also show you how to use your Apple Books app to read your Apple version, if you prefer to do that. 

UPDATE: Amazon has recently made this much easier, so in a few sentences I’ll show you exactly how to get your Kindle book into your Kindle reader or Kindle app. You don’t even need to watch the video below, because this is now so easy. Ready?

Step #1: If you’re purchasing the Kindle edition, download your Kindle book, which will be an epub format.

Step #2: Now just open an Amazon web page you can find with a simple search phrase, “send to Kindle” without the quotes. Or go directly to this link:

Step #3: Upload your book to your Amazon account. Of course, you should already be logged into your Amazon account so it can upload it automatically to your Kindle account. That’s it! Now when you open your Kindle app, you’re book will be there. NOTE: Amazon can take a few minutes or even 10 minutes to get your book uploaded in their system, so you give it a little time.

If you’re downloading the Apple Books edition, all you need to do is open the book with the Books app, and the app it recognizes it.

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