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Install Digital Book on iPad
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Casper Sarginson  

How to Install Our Digital Books on Your Device

Downloading and installing our digital books on your computer or mobile device is easy, and I’ll share the easiest method with you here. After you purchase your book from our Digital Library, you’ll go through the standard shopping cart and you’ll have a download button. Once you’re book is downloaded, the fun begins.

To Download an Audiobook, Read the Audiobook Guide here.

On your computer it’s easy to install the digital book, because after you have downloaded your purchase, you simply open it on your computer, and whether you’re on an Apple computer or a Windows computer, the application you have installed on your computer will automatically open the book.

Apple Computer: If you’re on an Apple computer (desktop or laptop), make sure you already have the Apple Books app installed. After you download the book (epub) when you double click on it, it will automatically open in your Books app. If you want to read a Kindle version on your Apple, install the “Kindle Preview” app on your Apple.

Windows Computer: If you’re on a Windows computer, make sure you already have the Kindle app installed, and after downloading your book, it will open in the Kindle app.

When it comes to installing a digital book on a mobile device, it is slightly more involved, but I’ll make it easy for you. There are multiple methods to install an Apple version on your iPad (or iPhone) and this is true for Amazon Kindle devices or Android devices with a Kindle app, but as my college Calculus professor used to say, “Don’t make a task harder than it has to be. Always use the easiest approach to the solution.” We’re going to take that advice here.

Apple Devices (Use one method for each device, the one you find most convenient):

  1. By Far The Easiest and Best Method: If you download the book to your Apple computer, you can use “Airdrop” on your computer to share that file with your iPad or iPhone. You’ll receive it on your device and you’ll be given options as to which app you would like to use to open it. Of course, you’ll touch “Books” and now the book is installed in your Books app like all other books.
  2. If you want to email the ebook from your computer to your device, you can use your own email to do that. (Gmail doesn’t allow you to email epub attachments.) After you’ve emailed it to yourself, open your email on your device, and when you touch the attached book in that email, you’ll be asked which app you would like to use to open it. You’ll choose “Books.”
  3. If you prefer to download the book directly to your iPad or iPhone, you can do that, too. Once it’s downloaded on your device, go to the folder which holds that download and touch it to open it in your Books app. If you’re not sure where your download folder is on your device, watch this video to find your epub.
  4. BONUS: Here’s a sweet little bonus you might like to know. If you want to read an ebook on your iPad using your Kindle app (in which case you should purchase the Kindle Version), you can email the digital book to your Kindle device email. Did you know your Kindle has it’s own assigned email address? You can find it by logging into Amazon on your computer, go the the menu “Accounts & Lists,” and in the drop down menu go to “Content & Devices,” and on that page go to the little tabs at the top and click on “Devices.” Go down and open the Kindle image, and all the devices you have with the Kindle app will be listed. Go to the device you’re using now, maybe your most recent iPad, and you’ll see the email address. Copy that and email yourself with your new digital book as an attachment. Once back on your iPad (or your Kindle), your new book will show up in a few minutes just like any other book you purchase from Amazon. Isn’t that cool? There’s a lot of little steps there, but you’ll see that once you do it, you’ll never forget. Actually you could just store that email address for future books you want to send to your device. [See this Video Example]

Kindle Devices:

  1. On your mobile device on which you have the Kindle app installed, you can use your Kindle email address to send your new book to your device. Follow the steps in #4 above, and you’ll have it.

If you have trouble and need help installing your book, reach out to us with the Contact page, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Leave your phone number so we can call you, if you want a phone call.

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