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Watch for Our Book Bundles With Discounts

Watch for our book bundles with discounts if you anticipate reading more than one of our books. They’re bundled by interest, so if you like one book in the bundle, you’re likely to enjoy the other books in the bundle. When you purchase a bundle, you’re getting a discount, in […]

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EarthisFlat.Faith Books Are Selling in 12 Countries Around The World

We’re thrilled to report that our books are selling in 12 countries around the world. In another article we discussed the awakening that is taking place today, not just in America, but in Canada, Australia, and in Europe, too. It’s really amazing, although the main stream media certainly won’t mention […]

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How to Purchase a Book and Locate Your Download Link

You can purchase a book by adding it to your cart and then checking out. You’ll have the option of checking out as a guest if you prefer not to register and have an account with us. In that case, after your purchase, you’ll immediately be directed to a web […]

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How to Preview Our Books and Download Samples

You can preview all of our books and download samples in your favorite format by simply going to the Amazon link in our Amazon Bookstore, and as you may already know, you can view the table of contents and many pages of a book there. You can even download a […]

Flat Earth Awakening

The Flat Earth Awakening

There is a flat earth awakening taking place across the UK, the US, Canada, France, Germany, Australia, and across all of Europe as well. This flat earth awakening stems from a new awareness of the corruption and evil of all governments, the fake news and the indoctrination. It has never […]

Earth is Flat

Looking for a Great Book to Read? Here it is . . .

Flat earth is not a conspiracy. Far from it. Did you know the entire heliocentric system of a spherical Earth rotating and revolving around the sun with other planets was actually designed after ancient occultic beliefs? The heliocentric design fulfills Satan’s grand purpose of misdirecting the human race away from the True Creator God. The heliocentric design of the sun and the Earth and the planets mocks God. Do you know why it has not even occurred to pastors and theologians that the heliocentric system mocks God? Because they have been ensnared by Satan’s sorcery like everyone else. They think heliocentrism is real, and therefore the thought that it mocks God never enters their minds. You haven't read a book like this.

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