Flat Earth: A Biblical and Scientific Approach (Apple)


What does a christian do with the subject of flat earth? Specifically, how can a christian intelligently and wisely handle the controversial topic of whether the earth is a sphere or a plain? I’d like to suggest a practical approach for christians of any age, and I’ll break it down into logical steps. As I reflect on my own journey, this is the approach I took. This is no longer a subject that christians can avoid, hoping the entire subject will go away so you won’t have to deal with it. The subject of flat earth has become a very hot topic, and among many believers and unbelievers the phrase “flat earth” is an emotional trigger that sets some people off. This subject is full of more deception, more misrepresentations, and more slander than any other subject of our day. The damage the deception has done is inestimable. It must also be emphasized that God’s creation story is very important to God as is made clear in the scriptures. Therefore, it ought to be important to us, and at a minimum, we as christians need to know what the true Bible version of creation really is.


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