Flat Earth: God’s Genesis Surprise (Kindle Version)


This book gives you God’s big picture, a short narrative that covers God’s purposes from Genesis through Revelation for the earth, for man, for Satan and his war with God, God’s plans for Jesus, and God’s conclusion culminating in his mighty wrath against his enemies.

Of course, we have a big Genesis Surprise, because God is exposing the lies about the Copernicus/NASA Heliocentric model of the Universe. Christians are admitting to each other in private that they believe the Bible describes a flat earth, and this topic has become one of the top “secret” topics among Christians and non-Christians. And “science” is being exposed for what it is—pseudo-science and scientism.

By the time you finish this book, you will finally know the clear and unambiguous description of the creation of the earth in God’s own words. And guess what? It is nothing like the one you’ve been fed your whole life. We expose the mass deception and give you . . . God’s plain truths.


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