Political Narcissism: Why America is Imploding (Kindle Version)


America is imploding in front of our eyes, and no one seems to understand how to stop it or reverse it. There are many talking heads and so-called experts, and even politicians telling us they can save us, but these politicians are the very people who got us to this place. This revolutionary book will explain once and for all how we got to this place, and why America is in a free fall that many say cannot be stopped. You think you know about narcissists? Wait until you discover how American politicians have the exact DSM-5 profile of the extreme narcissists and psychopaths. Political Narcissism will show you precisely who these evil politicians are deep inside their minds and hearts, and why they do what they do. Once you understand how their minds work, you will stop asking useless questions about why they do what they do, because you’ll know exactly. More than that, you’ll be able to predict their next moves with surprising accuracy. Want to help save America? Want to do something to help save what is left? Then read this book, because no one is telling you precisely the why or how like this.


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