Seven Myths of Selling Your Home: With 20 Secrets You Need to Know (Kindle Version)


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Selling a home today is not like it was for your parents generation. Everything has changed. Traditional bricks and mortar real estate brokerages are dying a long slow painful death. Buyers no longer need a real estate broker to find their next home. Everyone uses the Internet. What does this mean for home sellers? They don’t need the traditional bricks and mortar brokerage to help them sell their home, and they certainly don’t need to pay a 5% or 6% commission anymore. But most home sellers don’t know how the real estate business uses them, takes their money, and then discards them. This book is the lifetime experience of a real estate attorney (ret.), and long time real estate broker who shares insider secrets few people know. All this does not mean you can just list with a cheap MLS listing broker and get what you need either, and FSBOs (For sale by owners) are equally full of traps for the unwary. How do you sell your home today? How do you market it effectively to the largest number of highly qualified buyers? That’s what this book is all about. You’ll learn things even most Realtors don’t know. Best of all, you can save tens of thousands with the tips in this book.


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