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Casper Sarginson  

America The Last Days Audiobook

America is in its last days. While it has become great again on a short-term basis, in the long term, America falls, and this author proves this authoritatively and persuasively in a very interesting and articulate manner.

This audiobook is available on Amazon, but I’m excited to announce that you can purchase this audiobook from any of your favorite audiobook stores, including my favorite hangout–Spotify. Even better than any of those options, you can now purchase and start listening immediately from our own Audio Bookstore. Check it out at:

Audiobooks–America The Last Days

We have experts ad infinitum on everything about America’s past, present, and future, but nearly all the experts focus on a pure secular perspective, void of any acknowledgment of the spiritual. This audiobook includes both to arrive at a far more realistic and fact-based forecast of America’s future. Whether you are a secular historian or a devout Christian, you’ll be stretched with ideas in this audiobook you’ve never heard anywhere else. You’ll also get the answer to a question no one has fully answered up to now.

What motivates radical liberals to do what they are doing? The author takes you inside the mind of a liberal like no one else ever has. You’ll finally know what makes them tick. What if America was on the verge of a massive market crash, but all the experts kept saying the economy has nowhere to go but up, and all the books and talking heads promised a bright and prosperous future? In such an environment, would you not be wise to at least read one contrarian book that indicated the market may be poised for a horrendous crash? If America is on the precipice of darkness, don’t you want to know?

This audiobook about America’s future may be the most important audiobook you’ll ever listen to. There are three chapters you cannot afford to miss:

  • The psychology of liberalism
  • What God says about narcissism and psychopathy
  • The trajectory of America’s final days

Fasten your seat belt, because this audiobook is not what you expect.

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