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Flat Earth Books
Casper Sarginson  

EarthisFlat.Faith Books Are Selling in 12 Countries Around The World

Earth is Flat BooksWe’re thrilled to report that our books are selling in 12 countries around the world. In another article we discussed the awakening that is taking place today, not just in America, but in Canada, Australia, and in Europe, too. It’s really amazing, although the main stream media certainly won’t mention this. Here’s a vignette of our worldwide sales, which shows you our recent sales to what is obviously citizens in these countries who are very interested in researching the subject of flat earth, and for most of us this starts with doubts about the globe earth in a heliocentric system.

This vignette shows both print and digital versions of our books, but does not show audiobook sales. It also reflects sales in the past months, which means our new publications which are selling well, will be reflected on future reports.

Our best selling book for a time has been Flat Earth: What The Bible Actually Says–Every Verse in the Bible on Creation, but recently one of our newer books, Flat Earth: Satan’s Global Plan of Deception–Heliocentrism Exposed, has taken the number one sales spot.

Also popular have been Flat Earth: A Biblical and Scientific Approach, Flat Earth: The Evil Psychology of Heliocentrism, Flat Earth v. Globe Earth: How Scientism Invaded The Church, Flat Earth: How Science Replaced God and Deceived The Whole World, Flat Earth: 50 Reasons, and Flat Earth: God’s Genesis Surprise.

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Earth is Flat

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Flat earth is not a conspiracy. Far from it. Did you know the entire heliocentric system of a spherical Earth rotating and revolving around the sun with other planets was actually designed after ancient occultic beliefs? The heliocentric design fulfills Satan’s grand purpose of misdirecting the human race away from the True Creator God. The heliocentric design of the sun and the Earth and the planets mocks God. Do you know why it has not even occurred to pastors and theologians that the heliocentric system mocks God? Because they have been ensnared by Satan’s sorcery like everyone else. They think heliocentrism is real, and therefore the thought that it mocks God never enters their minds. You haven't read a book like this.

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