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Spiritual War Trumps Everything
Casper Sarginson  

Spiritual War Trumps Everything Audiobook

Did you know that the Bible says the Earth hangs in space exactly where God placed it, that the Earth has a foundation, that the Earth never ever moves, that it sits on pillars, has four corners, has a cornerstone, has ends, that the firmament is a hardened substance, is above the Earth, and God’s throne sits on the firmament?

This audiobook is available on Amazon, but I’m excited to announce that you can purchase this audiobook from any of your favorite audiobook stores, including my favorite hangout–Spotify. Even better than any of those options, you can now purchase and start listening immediately from our own Audio Bookstore. Check it out at:

Audiobooks–Spiritual War Trumps Everything

These statements are from the Bible, but few people know about them. These are amazing statements, but it is even more amazing that somehow the theology of these statements has not been the substance of messages at churches across America. Want to know exactly how the Bible describes creation and the Earth? Then this book is required listening for you. Fasten your seat belts, Mr. and Mrs. Fundamental Evangelical Christian. God’s Word is about to take you for the ride of your life.

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Earth is Flat

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Flat earth is not a conspiracy. Far from it. Did you know the entire heliocentric system of a spherical Earth rotating and revolving around the sun with other planets was actually designed after ancient occultic beliefs? The heliocentric design fulfills Satan’s grand purpose of misdirecting the human race away from the True Creator God. The heliocentric design of the sun and the Earth and the planets mocks God. Do you know why it has not even occurred to pastors and theologians that the heliocentric system mocks God? Because they have been ensnared by Satan’s sorcery like everyone else. They think heliocentrism is real, and therefore the thought that it mocks God never enters their minds. You haven't read a book like this.

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